Four Step Natural Facial Skin Care for Men

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Today more than ever, men are concerned with skin care and taking care of their skin. Most skin care lines are geared toward women and concerns that women have with skin health, while few are geared towards men’s skin health. The following are easy and fast tips for men to follow to start taking care of their skin, without the confusion of too many products or steps. Men’s skin care should include a daily face wash, a mild facial scrub, proper shaving techniques, and a moisturizer containing sunscreen.

Face Wash

Men should cleanse their skin with a mild facial cleanser morning and night. Cleansers should contain cleansing agents and be mild with moisturizing ingredients that help balance skin ph levels. Cleansing, morning and night, will remove excess oil and dirt, keeping pores clear and skin less prone to break outs. You can also use natural soaps that are formulated for your skin type from time to time.

Facial Scrub

A mild facial scrub that contains micro beads or exfoliating components such as papaya seeds can aid in over all skin health and shaving irritation. A facial scrub can be used a few times a week. A good tip is to leave the scrub in the shower and use on days following shaving. Scrubs help to shed dead skin and keep pores free of debris. Using a scrub a few times a week will also reduce ingrown hairs.

Proper Shaving Techniques

Whether you choose a wet shave or electrical, the skin should be cleansed prior to shaving. If using the traditional wet shave techniques, cleanse the skin first and use a shaving gel or cream to reduce irritation, cuts and skin snags. Shaving gels aid the blade over the skin causing the razor to catch the hairs and not the skin. For electrical shavers, cleanse and dry the skin and be sure that the blades of the electrical shaver are properly cleansed and sanitized. Electrical shavers can harbor bacteria that can then be transferred to the skin, causing irritation. An after-shave or mild facial moisturizer should always be applied after shaving. . After shaves often contain ingredients that will help reduce irritation and sooth the skin, while a moisturizer will sooth and hydrate the area.

Moisturizer with Sunscreen

As men tend to have more oily skin than women, a morning moisturizer containing a sunscreen is usually enough to properly moisturize men’s skin. However, if moisturizing at night is preferred, choose a light moisturizer that does not contain sunscreen. A day time moisturizer with sunscreen will protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, while moisturizing and hydrating the skin, leaving it healthy and smooth. A night moisturizer would follow a night cleanse and would be beneficial for older men or men that have a drier skin type. The same moisturizer can be used day and night if it does not contain sunscreen, however a sunscreen should then be applied over the moisturizer during the day.

While it is widely known that most men will not take the same amount of time women may to take care for their skin, these tips are the basics to a great complexion for any man. With a little bit of discipline, any man can have younger-looking, smoother skin too.

By Tiffany Oney

Tiffany Oney is a licensed esthetician, professional makeup artist and natural skincare authority.  She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies California State University, Long Beach and interning with Vivoderm Natural Skincare in Los Angeles, California.

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