Protect Yourself While Going Out in the Sun

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It is alarming to note that nearly 1 million people in the US suffer from skin cancer. But, there is also good news on the rise.  Skin cancer can be prevented very easily. As most skin cancers are caused by an over-exposure to the UV radiation of sun rays, you can negate the threats by using proper sun protection measures.

In addition, protecting yourself from harmful ultra violet rays also helps you to prevent wrinkles and pre-mature skin aging. But sun rays are also a vital source of natural vitamin D and also are found to have anti-depressant qualities.

To prevent the harmful effects of UV sun rays, you need to follow few measures while going outside. These include:
• Try to avoid sun rays on and from 10 am to 4 pm. This is the peak hour when the UV rays are the strongest. So, if you can avoid exposing your skin during this time of the day, your skin will gain the maximum benefit.
• The reflections of UV rays are at a maximum in areas like sea, sand, and snow.
• While going out in the sun, use sunglasses that have a proven record to block 90 per cent of the UVA or UVB rays.
• Protect exposed skin, like your face, or neck with at least 4-inch brimmed hats.
• Use sun screen lotions that come with a SPF of 30 or above.

If you strongly desire your skin to possess its youthful vigor for an elongated period of time, you absolutely need to follow these above mentioned points before going into the sun.