Skin Care Myths (part2)

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According to leading dermatologists, most of the cosmetic and skin care information out there is misleading. For example, do you buy into any of these common beauty myths?

Myth #4:

Pure soap is good for sensitive skin. Any product that vigorously suds and foams contain detergents, a strict no-no for dry skin. The best-known example is a certain soap, marketed with the buzz phrase “so pure it floats.” Advertising featured pictures of delicate babies and fair-skinned blonde-haired people, along with the recommendation that since it was “pure, and fragrance free,” it was designed “for sensitive skin.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Vigorously foaming soaps, are terrible for dry skin because they wash away the natural lipids that help your skin retain moisture. If you have dry skin, never use anything that makes a lot of bubbles, especially bubble bath. Thin foam and thin bubbles are all right.  Never wash your face with shampoo no matter what your Skin type. Instead, use non-foaming cleansers or minimally foaming cleansers.

Myth #5:

The food I eat won’t affect my skin. Your diet does impact your skin, and there’s no doubt that going on a no- or low-fat diet can increase skin dryness. Studies have shown that patients on cholesterol-lowering drugs often suffer from dry skin. Cholesterol is actually an important part of the skin that helps it remain hydrated.

Myth # 6:

Paying attention to my skin is a waste of time.
If you have a more low-maintenance Skin types, your recommended routine is not going to create unnecessary complexity. What’s more, fine-tuning your skin care can only save you money and optimize your skin in the long run. On the other hand, if you have a challenging Skin type, treating your skin right and preventing future problems is an absolute essential.  Most skin Problems are better addressed sooner rather than later. And whatever your age, skin condition, or skin type, sooner is today.

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