Getting Rid Of Under Eye Dark Circles

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Dark circles under the eyes tend to make one look older than they are and just plain tired. This can be a long time struggle in your life or it can be something you just started noticing. However, you can still reduce the appearance of these circles or even remove them completely. You can try out some home remedies for yourself or you can go for the natural under eye creams for dark circles that are available in the market.First, before you attempt to remove your dark circles determine the cause so that you can act accordingly. There are can be many reasons for your dark circles some of which can include allergies, inadequate sleep, sun exposure, lifestyle factors, and pigmentation irregularities. It is best to go for a natural remedy. Besides applying natural products you also need to incorporate a healthy food habit in your lifestyle. Since, a healthy diet will naturally reflect on your skin.
A common skin care therapy for dark circles is with cucumbers. Slice cucumber into thick slices and put them over your eyes for 10 minutes. This will help you to reduce your dark circles and puffiness.  You should also ensure that you get your beauty sleep every night. Sleep for at least 8-9 hours so that you can wake up fresh every morning.

Eat a balanced diet which includes vitamins, minerals and proteins in suitable quantities. Puffiness and dark circles can be often be due to deficiency of Vitamin K and B12.

Most importantly, you must quit your smoking habit if you have one. Try and avoid rubbing your eyes too much. Use natural cosmetic solutions that will help you in reducing the dark circles. You can use herbal facial masks to reduce the pigmentation and puffiness. You may also choose to go for under eye creams that contain chammomile, and Vitamin E or K.

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