Skin Basics

The skin is our largest organ

It is a beautiful and complex wonder, each square inch of our skin contains about 65 hair follicles, 100 sebaceous (oil) glands, 78 yards of nerves, 20 yards of blood vessels, 650 sweat glands, 9.5 million cells, 1,300 nerve endings, 19,500 sensory cells at the ends of nerve fibers, 80 cold detection nerve endings and 165 pressure sensors. This amazing organ, keeps our entire body safe from the environment while providing a way for us to detect pain, pressure, heat and cold. It allows us to sweat to help cool ourselves when we are overheating. Our skin darkens if exposed to sunlight to help protect us against cancerous rays.

We must realize that just like the lungs, our skin is a living, breathing organ. Aided by the circulatory system, it takes in oxygen and expels waste and toxins, performing up to 3 % of oxygenation to the body. This organ also functions as kidneys do in eliminating about 2 pints of water and salts each day.

Through the ages, people have searched for ways to have beautiful skin. Having healthy and fresh skin is possible at any age, providing you take the correct approach. The question that we need to answer is; when is skin beautiful? The answer; when skin is moist, vibrant, free of blemishes and toxins. Healthy skin has tight pores and exhibits a refined texture. Skin health is a very important ingredient in our self-image and how the world sees us. One could say our skin is an indication of our overall well-being, both physically and emotionally.

In order to have healthy, happy and beautiful skin, it is important to keep it clean so it can breathe, provide it with proper nutrients to allow rejuvenation, and give it plenty of moisture. It is also extremely important to protect against environmental damage like excessive sun exposure. At Vivoderm, we place great importance on cleaning your skin without stripping away its natural protective layer and without using harsh chemicals that can cause premature aging. Our goal is to respect the skin and not torture it with toxic products that shock and destroy skin cells. Our anti-aging and cleansing products are designed to gently remove dead cells and enhance delivery of nutrients to skin, naturally, so that new fresh cells can emerge in their natural and intended fashion.

There are three main layers to our skin:


This is the top layer of your skin. The main purpose of this layer of skin is to provide a “barrier” between your precious body and outside elements. The most outer layer of the epidermis is created by the layer of dead skin cells which fall off, and allow living cells to be exposed to air. This is a continuous life cycle. When you are young, this layer replaces itself every 16 days, which gives younger people healthy looking skin. When people hit 25, the layer replaces itself about once a month, which leaves skin looking more tired.


The mid-layer of the skin is the dermis. This layer contains many blood vessels, which work to provide oxygen and nutrients to the epidermis. The elastin and collagen is also found in this layer of skin, which are used to provide the structure of skin. Tanning and extreme sun exposure destroys the elasticity of your skin at this level. This middle layer provides the “padding” in your skin.

Subcutaneous tissue

The lowest layer of the skin is the subcutaneous tissue. Sweat glands, main blood vessels, and hair follicles all reside in this layer of skin. The bulbous follicles originate in this layer and can be seen when hair is plucked or tweezed. Because the subcutaneous tissue is the lowest layer, it is a more permanent layer of skin. When people get tattoos, the tattoo ink is injected into the lowest level. As a result, the tattoo remains for a lifetime, even when the epidermal layer is constantly renewed.