Nature’s intent is to heal, to repair and to regenerate

Examples of this intent are seen everywhere from a single cell to the whole human body-from a single tree to entire forests. In the event of an injury that damages the skin’s protective barrier, the body triggers a response called inflammation, which sends fluids carrying white blood cells to the injury site. Once the invading microorganisms have been brought under control, the skin proceeds to heal itself. The same regenerative process can be witnessed after a forest fire, as nature’s own elements work towards recovery and re-forestation.

At Vivoderm, we believe in harnessing nature’s own amazing power to protect, restore and repair our skin. Scientific analysis reveals that the herbs used in our products are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and proteins. These botanicals have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties. The other advantage of using products directly from the plant source is greater bio-availability and compatibility with living cells.

Natural products also tend to be safer and less toxic to our bodies as well as the environment. Why would you feed your skin products that you would not consider eating? At Vivoderm Laboratories, a great deal of care has been taken to formulate products using ingredients that are not harmful to the body and do not irritate the skin. We truly believe that we have designed the best natural skin care products in the market. We believe that our anti aging and acne treatment lines are second to none in safety and effectiveness. Vivoderm has not conducted, or commissioned any animal testing on our ingredients or products.

Our skin care products contain carefully designed blends of healing herbs gathered from various regions of the world. In our herbal anti-aging and acne treatment masks, we use the actual plants. This preserves their unrefined and natural characteristics. Our dermatologist-developed formulas have been used on thousands of patients over forty years with remarkable results and an outstanding safety profile.