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Facial Masks for Your Skin Type

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Choose the Best Facial Mask for Your Skin
A weekly facial mask is a great way to boost your skins radiance and normalize oily or dry conditions. No matter what your skin type, there is a facial mask suited for you. Facial masks, when used once a week or twice a month for sensitive skin, can deep clean your face, tighten your pores, or brighten and exfoliate. Exercise caution though when shopping for a mask. Not every facial mask will suit your particular skin type. Several varieties are clay masks, moisturizing masks, fruit extract masks, yogurt masks, and gel masks, just to name a few. Before you buy a facial mask, you must recognize your skin type and buy accordingly.

Normal Skin

You have many mask options if your skin is normal. That is, if dryness or breakouts are of no real concern for you. You can use one that will give you radiance, one for deep cleaning or a gentle one for sensitive skin. Regardless of how “normal” your skin may be; you should see overall benefits of radiance and balance from using a weekly mask.
Oily or Combination Skin
Those with oily or combination skin do best with regular use of a clay mask. Clay is great for removing excess oil, deep cleaning your pores and preventing and clearing up blackheads. Natural clay is a great detoxifying treatment for your face without leaving your skin extra dry. Most clay masks work well with sensitive skin.

Dry Skin

Dry skin conditions require a mask for a very different reason than those with oily skin. You are not looking to reduce oil, but add moisture. Using a moisture mask will rejuvenate and rehydrate your skin. Many masks for dry skin require you leave them on longer than other masks for maximum effect. You leave the mask on your skin for up to 10 minute and then moisturize slightly with it before wiping off the excess. You will notice smoother, softer skin immediately.

Dull Skin

For a boost of radiance, try an exfoliating mask, but be careful to make sure the grain is not too coarse or you could cause skin tissue damage. You could try a peel off mask, which are actually kind of fun – like peeling off glue – this will help exfoliate your skin by removing the dead layers of cells, but again, be careful not to pull too harshly and tear tissue. Many exfoliating masks use fruit extracts such as papaya or pumpkin to naturally exfoliate. These tend to have a slight acidic range to them and may sting your skin just a little when you apply them. The scents are always quite pleasing though. You should see noticeable results within a few applications.

Mature Skin
To firm up wrinkled or sagging skin on the face and neck, look for moisturizing masks meant for dry skin or a specified “firming” mask. A firming mask will boost your skins moisture content, which will reduce fine lines caused by dehydration. This will give the appearance of a more youthful, firmer face. Massage onto your face and leave for about 10 minutes before you rinse off.