Organic Skincare for Babies

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Your baby’s skin is highly sensitive. Before using any skin care product, be sure it is formulated for babies with as few chemical ingredients as possible. Natural and organic baby products are preferable, as they use little to no man-made chemicals that your baby can have a harsh reaction to.
Organic baby skin care products are made from things that come from the earth, such as herbal plants and natural oils. Because there are no chemicals in organic skin care products there is less chance of your baby having a skin reaction when using the products

The best way to avoid chemicals is to choose pure and natural toiletries for babies and question which products you actually need at all. Yet when you read the list of ingredients listed on baby products they look much the same as those listed on standard family toiletries. Look at the chemicals listed in your child’s toiletry products; commonly SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate is used in baby wipes and shampoo’s it has been linked to skin irritations, diarrhea, breathing problems and eye damage particularly in small children. In higher concentrations, this same chemical is used in household cleaning products. Another item to consider when you purchase baby clothes or baby linens for the very first time, make sure to wash the baby items in a hypoallergenic soap formulated for babies.

Avoid products containing potentially irritating or harmful ingredients. Unscented, all-natural products are the safest things to use on our children. Making your own all-natural powders, salves, and bath products is a wonderful way to care for your children. Research organic baby skin care and learn what is best for your baby’s soft and delicate skin. As a caring parent, you want your baby to have the best health possible – that includes their skin care as their tiny body can absorb every chemical of a lotion or skin care product you apply.

Organic baby skin care products today include a full range of baby lotions, baby creams, balms, baby oils, salves and baby powders to soothe, moisturize and protect. Refrain from using products designed for adults as they are usually too harsh and contain irritants and allergens.

Speak to your pediatrician for organic products he/she may recommend. If you live in a small town and don’t have access to specialty stores, check online. There are now many sites linking you to stores across the country that can ship products for little to no additional cost of driving to a nearby store.

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