Skincare Tips for the Summer Months

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During summer you need to take extra care of your skin so that you do not suffer from any skin problems. It is not required that your skin takes the brunt of the heat. Some effective tips can help you stay fresh and hydrated even in the sultry months.

During summer your body loses a lot of moisture. Hence, you need to replenish it by drinking as much water as possible. Water is a natural detoxifier and cleanses your system inside out. During this time you must ditch those aerated drinks. Instead you can try natural drinks like fresh lime juice or fruit juices. You must try to stay indoors during 11AM- 3PM as that is when the sun is at its peak. Even if you have to go out during that time do not forget to use an herbal sunscreen lotion. Use the lotion at least 30 minutes before you step out of your house.

Go for a moisturizer which is water-based. Do not skip the daily moisturizing routine. It is essential that you keep your skin pores closed. Hence, you must use a toner that suits your skin type. The toner has natural cooling properties which is suitable for the summer months. Before toning you must cleanse your face. Try to clean it twice daily. As part of your beauty routine you must indulge in an exfoliation program every alternate day. There are many herbal based exfoliators available in the market that helps to remove dead skin cells.

If you get a tan during the summer months you can use gram flour as your face mask. Mix few drops of lemon with a little bit of yogurt to make it into a paste. Citrus properties are very helpful in removing the tan. Another face mask that is good for your skin during summer is made of 2 tablespoon of papaya mixed with 1 egg white and 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply the paste on your face for 15 minutes and you are surely going to get a wonderful glow.

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