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Herbal Facial Masks and Proper Skin Care

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The secret to proper facial cleansing and radiant skin is to get rid of any dead cells and toxins not thrown off naturally by the skin; remove all makeup, dirt, grime and chemical pollutants; clear out clogged pores and eliminate infection-causing bacteria without stripping away the skin’s natural oils and hydration.

Natural Facial Cleansers Are the Best Choice

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Cleansing your facial skin properly is an integral part of your daily beauty routine. Part of keeping your skin properly cleansed is to help remove toxins. If you live in the heart of a large city then your skin is more exposed to the harmful toxins that can cause damage to your skin. Since, facial skin is so delicate, using soap is absolutely not recommended as it has a tendancy to dry skin and remove benefical hydration. Hence, you should always use cleansers with

Vivoderm Facial Cleanser
Rosemary Vivoderm Facial Cleanser

natural ingredients like Vivoderm’s Facial Cleanser with Chamomile and Rosemary to  clean gently and thoroughly. The Vivoderm cream cleanser is gentle enough to use twice a day and safe for all skin types.

One of the key ingredients in our natural face cleanser is Chamomile. This key ingredient helps to maintain the pH balance in your skin and replenishes the moisture balance which is suited for sensitive and dry skin. Dematologist have found that facial cleansers that contain Rosemary and Chamomile are extremely beneficial and the Vivoderm cleanser is also infused with natural vitamins E and A. Ensure that the cleansing lotion contains natural and non-detergent ingredients. The natural cleansers draw out the dirt and maintain the natural moisture of the skin.

If you are not sure how to apply it, you can read the instructions right on the bottle.  Otherwise, you can apply a small amount on the fingertips and then work up a rich “lather” to remove deep impurities. Next, step, you massage on the face and use gentle circular motions. You can then rinse properly with warm water and use a soft cloth dry your face.

In addition, our cleanser is alcohol and acid-free, so you can be sure your skin is getting the best treatment available. It is definitely beneficial for you to remove makup and toxins each day for healthy, radiant skin.

Best Skin Care Methods After Swimming

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Swimming is certainly one of the best exercises and many of us enjoy a nice long soak in the hot tub during the winter months, but you can get over-exposed to excessive chlorinated water after doing so. A number of skin problems may result due the presence of the extra chlorine in the swimming pool water. It causes extreme dryness to your skin and rashes also tend to show up. The moisture level in your skin decreases which is needed for optimal skin health. The decrease of the moisture level in your skin leads towards irritations which may cause infections too. You should always take proper care of your skin after swimming. It is important to follow a number of methods before you engage in skin treatment after swimming.

After you finish an enjoyable swim in the pool, it is advisable to take a bath or shower. You can use a mild soap and warm water ( not super hot) as this is also dehydrating. This certainly has a good effect on your skin to rinse away residual chlorine. You can also explore a few stores which stock lotions to prevent chlorinated water damage to your skin. When you are selecting the lotions, it is advisable to opt for herbal based products.

These herbal lotions do not have any side effects on your skin and keeps it in prime condition. While taking appropriate care of your skin after swimming, you can also opt for a simple home-made banana pack from mushed bananas. But you need to leave it on your skin for a minimum time period of one hour. Apart from these skin treatments, you should also follow a disciplined diet regimen for best skin care after swimming. Vitamin C and Vitamin E plays a pivotal role in the nourishment of your skin and enhances its glow. You should also take protein rich foods like fish and eggs for keeping your skin healthy after regular swimming or long soaks in any chlorinated water.

Healthy Diet: Your Real Secret To Glowing Skin

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We all want our skin to look great. Our skin should be soft and supple and should be absolutely blemish-free. But, sadly, enough great skin is something which most women struggle to achieve. There are many factors that contribute towards great skin such as heredity, lifestyle, and skincare routine and healthy diet.

A healthy diet is required for healthy skin. You need to eat a well balanced meal which is complete with fresh vegetables and fruits. Carrots are full of antioxidants and vitamin A and should be consumed on a regular basis. Blueberries are also good for enhancing your skin quality. Nuts and salmon should definitely be incorporated in your daily diet so that you can get healthy skin.

You must drink plenty of water so that you can keep your system clean and toxin-free. This definitely helps in improving the quality of your skin. You can choose to consume green tea which is very good for skin. It is full of antioxidants and helps to remove toxins. Avoid alcohol consumption as it makes your skin look pale. Consider using olive oil as your cooking oil. It is a healthier option for you and helps you to stay healthy fit. Include carbohydrates in your diet in moderation.

Most people have a habit to use expensive creams and lotions to improve their skin quality. However, most people fail to realize that the change should first come from within. A healthy diet should be simple to follow and should be according to your body requirements. Your diet will help your skin to stay supple and soft. It will also help to prevent your skin from premature aging.

Why Should I Look Out For Parabens and Sulfates? (Pt 2 of 2)

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Many consumers today have spent vast amounts of money to improve their appearance. Cosmetic surgery  and the topical skincare industry are multi-billion dollar businesses.  It’s a simple law of economics that the higher the demand, the more skincare manufacturers will flood onto the marketplace. When demand for cheap, readily available products is high, quality ingredients tend to take a backseat over inferior, more accessible ones.

Your Face Reflects Your Diet

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You may have heard the old saying, “You are what you eat.” Never does it ring more true when we consider the quality of our skin. It’s not a fallacy to say we feel better when we eat pure, healthy foods that support and nourish our bodies as compared to a diet of over-processed, chemical-laden foods. Without proper nutrients, the body just can’t function optimally. It will be sluggish, lack vitality, and lack muscle mass. On the surface, the skin may show wrinkles, sagging, acne, age spots and appear overall to be dull. Free radicals can take the blame for some of this skin degeneration, but if you want beautiful, healthy, glowing skin – you have to feed it right.

Antioxidant-rich foods that contain vitamin C and E have been found to defend against free radicals by giving them their own electrons and forming a barrier that protects skin cells. You may already know certain behaviors and habits will either help or harm your skin, such as proper diet, exercise, smoking and sun exposure. One of the most significant sources of skin-damaging free radicals is cigarette smoke.

The modern Western diet is filled with carbohydrates, unnecessary sugars and salts, fats and caffeine. Most would be shocked to learn just how many of these detrimental elements they consume in a day. According to current research, it is the sugars and carbohydrates that have the worst effects on your complexion. They rob your skin of the oxygen it needs to stay youthful and can also cause inflammation.

In opposition to the processed foods, a diet that is pure and natural to its original essence as possible will provide your skin with vital nutrients and oxygen. Fruits and vegetables are on the top of this list of course, but other vital fats like walnuts, olive oil and fresh fish oils will also contribute greatly to beautiful, glowing skin. You cannot improve your skin without first improving your daily diet. Take the time to research various natural foods and their beneficial qualities. Try to incorporate these foods as much as possible into your lifestyle. Also beneficial is to replace those sugar-laden sodas with fresh water and teas. Proper hydration will help flush residual toxins from your system while you are optimizing your diet.

Once you consider what foods you are ingesting, you may also need to consider your smoking and drinking habits. We all know how harmful excessive smoking or drinking can be for our health, but our skin will be the first to show the signs of damage–long before our bodies give any indication of disease or imbalance. Smoking creates a toxic metabolism in your whole body. Many know the lungs are damaged by smoking–which is bad enough in itself–but the lack of oxygen will show on your face first. You will see more wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and smokers also have skin that is slower to heal. Blood is actually directed away from the skin by the destructive effects of nicotine, resulting in a sallow, grayish skin tone. On a scientific level, the nicotine blocks the oxygen supply to your skin, causing the subdermal capillaries to go into spasms, eventually increasing the rate at which your skin ages.

If you are hoping a cosmetic procedure will “erase” all the damage you have done – be aware that many doctors today will not perform any invasive procedures on a smoker due to the slower healing rate and lack of it results it can cause.
Once you have incorporated healthier foods into your life and reduced or eliminated smoking and excessive drinking, it is guaranteed you will see noticeable positive results in your skin’s appearance and in your overall health.

Your Organic Skin

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Your Organic Skin

Skin is the armor of the body. It is the outside waterproofing, element-fighting surface that protects our internal organs and skeletal structure from the harsh outside elements. Yet skin, overall is ignored most of the time. Healthy skin is important for a glowing completion of course, but if your body is unhealthy – your skin will be also.

The toxic world of industrialization has finally caught up with us. Producing toxic waste disasters, disease and tons of garbage buried so deep it can never breakdown. All these “modern advancements” have left our food supply as little more than a chemical compound in itself. If you can do ONE thing to give your skin and your body a fighting chance, you would be wise to choose as organic a diet as possible. To maintain a healthy skin, organically grown food is must.