Three Tips for Treating Blemished Skin

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Are you suffering from rashes and pimples? Then, you must draw up a skincare program that will help you to get rid of your blemishes and give you a flawless skin. There are some effective skincare remedies which you can choose to go for to treat your skin condition.

• You can use a mild facial cleanser for washing your face. Avoid using detergent based products as that can cause irritation on your skin. Follow it up with a mild astringent or toner as it aids in killing the accumulated bacteria on the skin surface.

• Always use a moisturizer with hydrating properties. Massage the cream properly with circular movements and after a few minutes wipe off any excess with a wet cotton pad. Make sure that you always use sunscreen lotion before you go out into the sun. However, you must ensure that the lotion is oil-free. Exfoliation is a must every week with a natural facial scrub.

• Wash your face with cream cleansers or moisturizing acne treatments to reduce losing skin moisture. Try to avoid picking on blackheads and pimples as that can lead to scarring on your face. You can treat your skin to herbal face pack or herbal facial mask every week. Your face pack can include chamomile, rosemary, aloe vera and other herbs. Apply on your face with a facial brush or clean hands and wash it off with warm water after keeping it for five to ten minutes.

By maintaining this beauty care regimen you can treat your blemished skin effectively. You will soon have a healthy glowing skin.

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