Skin Care Tips During Winter

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Those with dry skin have to be very careful during the winter months. Winter can be harsh on dry and sensitive skin. Due to the sudden change of temperature and lack of humidity, the skin loses its moisture pretty quickly. Hence, the skin needs special care during this time of the year.

Choose products that provide you nourishment and hydration. Keep skin clean and free from pore-clogging sweat and dirt. Use lukewarm water when you are taking shower. This ensures that natural oils in the skin do not get stripped away. Use products during your bath that comes with a neutral pH index. Avoid using soaps that are colored or fragrant as they tend to contain more chemicals than emollients.

After your bath or shower, massage your body with a good body oil preferably jojoba or almond. It’s also a nice treat to heat up the oil a bit before you apply it to your skin.  Always use a moisturizer after you have a bath. Apply a cream based moisturizer on your entire body. Go for moisturizers that come with shea butter or cocoa butter that provides added protection.

Always use a sunscreen when you are going out because the sun causes more damage to your skin especially during the winter months – partially from super reflective snow and atmospheric changes. If you suffer from dry skin all year, make sure that you are using a rich cream instead of a thin lotion. Since lotions are quickly absorbed it will not provide you with a protective barrier from the harshness of the winter.

Don’t forget to take care of your neck and hands too during the winter. Your hands tell a lot about your internal health and age. So, if you want to make a good impression then make sure that your hands look smooth and silky.

Always ensure that you do not use the same products round the year. Different seasons require different kind of skin treatment and hence you should act accordingly to take care of your skin.

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