Get Rid of Your Patchy Skin in a Few Weeks

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There are different skin problems from which women suffer. Patchy skin has become a very common disease or condition of skin, which women face. It is actually irregular colors on skin that appear as patches. Women have more sensitive skin and hence the occurrence of patchy skin is more common in them rather than men. There are different face packs that keep the skin glowing and eliminate the impurities from your skin. The skin texture can be enhanced by using treatments such as steaming, massaging and toning.

There are different causes for patchy skin such as alterations in blood vessel, and inclusion of foreign organism on skin, hormone changes, and extreme exposure of skin to harmful rays of the sun. However, you can whip up something at your home or buy herbal face packs from the market that would help you to get rid of your patchy skin.

You can make a coconut face pack by mixing (1 tsp) sea kale powder and (2 tsp) coconut oil. Massage this mixture on your face and neck and then remove it with warm water that is mixed with a little bit of lime juice. Then next you can wash your face again with cool water. This process helps in eliminating blemishes and patches and makes your skin smooth and soft again. You can also try out a mixture of olive oil and lime juice. Use this mixture for about 15 minutes or so and wash the mixture from the face off with warm water followed by cold water.

Follow this routine regularly and you will surely get desired results in a few weeks time.

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