Natural Facial Skin Protection from the Sun

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Zinc Sun Care and Summer Skin

Sunscreen Application

Sunscreen Application

Summer is rapidly approaching and it is time to once again stock up on sunscreens and

hats. Sunrays can have a detrimental effect on the skin, so it is very important to protect the skin from too much sun exposure. Sun damage to the skin can show up almost

immediately and will also appear over time. Different sunrays have different effects on the

skin. A great way to remember the difference is by the letter A or B. UVA rays or ‘aging rays’ cause wrinkles, pigmentation and cancer. UVB rays or ‘burning rays’ are the rays that cause a tan and sunburn. These rays also age the skin but do not penetrate as deep as UVA rays.

To protect the skin from harmful sun exposure it is important to use a sunscreen that ha

s both UVA and UVB protection. These sunscreens are commonly known as dual spectrum sunscreens. It is also important to check for ingredients that absorb and block sunrays

. Ingredients such as oxybenzo absorb sunrays while zinc oxide actually blocks the rays. It is also important to look for sunscreens that are non comedogenic and non acnegenic which means that the sunscreen will not clog pores or promote acne. A SPF or sun protection factor of 15 or higher is recommended. A generous application is needed in order to attain protection; most people do not apply sunscreen liberally enough.

The SPF indicates how long you can be exposed to the sun before burning. For example, if your skin will burn within 10 minutes of sun exposure with no sun protection you can be exposed to the sun for 150 minutes with a sun protection factor of 15 before burning.

To estimate how long you can be exposed to the sun before burning, multiply the probable time you can be exposed to the sun with no sun protection before burning and multiply it by the SPF on the label of the sunscreen. Multiple applications throughout the d

ay are necessary in order to be protected, and it is recommended to reapply every two hours, as sweating and water activities may rub off the sun screen. Sunscreens do more than just protect skin from burning, so reapplication is necessary to shield the skin from other harmful damage like premature age spots, wrinkles and fine lines.

Regular sunscreen use will protect the skin from burning, premature aging and possible skin cancer. It is important to make sunscreen use as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth. As summer is approaching it is even more important to wear sunscreen as the sunrays are stronger and more harmful during this time of year.

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